Deodorant Does Not Help? You Should Try Perspi Guard Antiperspirant

perspi guard antiperspirant

Perspi Guard Antiperspirant is not like any other ordinary antiperspirant. Problems with sweating and body odor affect many people within the population. The proportions within the general population are estimated to be 2-3%. These people may experience excessive sweating, a condition which is referred to as hyperhidrosis.

Hyperhidrosis affects the palms, underarms, and soles of feet. Extreme body odor, on the other hand, is a condition called bromhidrosis. Antiperspirants such as Perspi-Guard Antiperspirants are one of the treatment options from among many that are available, for the above two conditions.


The Difference Between Deodorants and Antiperspirants

Though some people may tend to confuse between the two, it is important to note that deodorants only cover up the body odor without actually preventing sweating. Antiperspirants are useful as they control sweating whilst masking off the body odor.

Basically, most antiperspirants contain either additive ingredients that make the body smell better and stay fresh or microorganisms (antimicrobials) which aid in the elimination of the bacteria that cause body odor. Customers prefer Perspi-Guard Antiperspirants because it comes in as per the preference and taste of fragrance. Most importantly is that the antiperspirants are friendly and comfortable to wear.


Perspi Guard Antiperspirant

Perspi Guard Antiperspirant is sold in the form of sprays, roll-ons, and wipes. The sprays are more convenient to use as less is used and is evenly distributed in every application. The product is sold in the following quantities:

(i) Perspi-Guard Maximum Strength Spray – 50ml and 30ml

(ii)Perspi-Guard Maximum Strength Roll-ons – 30ml

(iii)Perspi-Guard Maximum Strength Wipes

The Perspi Guard Antiperspirant contains skin conditioners that are included in its manufacture so that they keep the underarms feel soft. Due to its high quality of making, it contains antimicrobials which inhibit the multiplication of the bacteria that causes bad body smell hence keeping you fresh for long periods of time. It has a perfume that is long lasting keeping you confident all day round.


Where are The Perspi-Guard Antiperspirants Sold?

Ordinary retail stores and shopping centers may not sell Perspi-Guard Antiperspirants products. Pharmacies located along busy business streets such as Lloyds Pharmacy and online stores offer sales on the platform of rates offered may vary with the factors of transportation and other related constraints of the market. Any customer who cannot access the products in the locality in which they live, they go Amazon and make their orders. The delivery of these will be in packages to the places near their residences.


What are The Prices Available?

There are various ranges to the prices of the Perspi-Guard antiperspirants according to the above sizes and where you are purchasing the product from. Online shopping sites provide the same range of products as over-the-counter purchases. The standard denomination used in the online marketing platform on Amazon is the US Dollar($) and orders are made online and delivery made physically.



For the best solutions to body odors and uncontrolled sweating, the Perspi-Guard Antiperspirants provide the unparalleled value for your money as well as safety for use on the body. The company is licensed and hence its products commendable by professionals and customers in equal measure.



Perspi guard antiperspirant is the right antiperspirant for you!

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