Natural Treatment for Hyperhidrosis to Control Excessive Sweating

natural treatment for hyperhidrosis

Natural treatment for hyperhidrosis may comprise of herbs like sage tablets and tea as well as behavioral techniques. Using natural remedies is right for your health as many antiperspirants may have toxins.

Hyperhidrosis mainly affects the palms, underarms, feet as well as the face. Furthermore, it is believed to be a result of a fundamental medical problem or the sympathetic nervous system being overactive.


Tips to Manage Hyperhidrosis While Keeping You Away from The Doctor

  • Tea and vinegar Tea is one of the commonly used natural treatment for hyperhidrosis with green and black tea being the most effective. Green tea has vitamin B and magnesium which keeps you fresh by constricting the sweat glands.


  • Tea contains astringent properties which minimize sweating when smeared directly to the skin especially on the underarms. Rub a towel with brewed black tea on the skin and drink green tea in the morning for better results. Apple cider vinegar helps to close skin pores when applied to the sweaty areas hence reducing sweating. You can also bath with soaps that have vinegar as an ingredient.


  • Baking soda, corn-starch and wheat grass. Both corn-starch and baking soda absorb water naturally. Baking soda acts as a natural deodorant since it counteracts the acids present in sweat. Apply a mixture of the two to the sweaty area and let it stay for half an hour before rinsing with plain water. However, leaving it on the skin for too long could irritate. Wheat grass is a detoxifier that neutralizes and dilutes the toxins present in the blood. Drinking wheat grass every day not only reduces the tendencies of sweating but also minimizes the sweat odor.


  • Potassium-rich food Foods with plenty of potassium like broccoli and potatoes absorb excess water which in turn helps to relieve sweating. Such foods also help to push water from the body, unlike sodium-rich foods that retain water. You can adopt a habit to rub a slice of potato on the armpits every day for a drying effect.


  • Therapy Cognitive behavioral therapy is advised for people whose profuse sweating is caused by fear and anxiety as it may help to reduce the tendencies. A therapist in such a case helps you to change how you react to stress and different thought patterns that cause anxiety and panic attacks. Stress relieving activities like yoga and meditation help to boost confidence and self-awareness.


Using Natural Treatment of Hyperhidrosis Effectively

Making healthy choices is a relief to the body in numerous ways including treatment of hyperhidrosis. It is essential to discuss any of the remedies mentioned above with your physician in case you have concerns or worries. Natural resources are safe, unlike medical products which may cause potential dangers when they interact.

Consistency is vital to achieving results, so you should be patient with using the natural treatments of hyperhidrosis. Practicing good hygiene alongside remedies is essential. Washing and drying the sweaty areas helps to reduce moistness in palms, stinky feet and underarms and infections due to fungus and bacteria.

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